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Equity in School Finance

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Since 1971, all but five states have been sued over educational equity and adequacy in school funding. In twenty-seven of these states, the plaintiffs won. In this section we highlight model state policies that ensure schools in poor districts have access to financial resources at least equal to their more fortunate counterparts.

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School Funding Formula – New Mexico

New Mexico’s school funding formula has long been considered one of the most equalized in the nation. A state will tend to have more equalized funding when several conditions apply: a) the state takes on a larger share of the funding (as opposed to when individual school districts raise the majority of funds through property taxes); b) states target their funding to poorer districts, and; c) states take into account regional differences in the cost of education (for instance, it is more expensive to educate a child in New York City than in Plattsburgh.) Continue reading

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