Fiber Network Building Code – Loma Linda, CA

Loma Linda has built a publicly owned citywide fiber optic network. Originally, the city added this rule to the developer agreement but later also codified it in the Municipal Code.  Any new building (or substantial re-model) must be built ready to interface with the network and meet a wiring requirement to allow the occupants to take full advantage of the network.

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Full Text of Loma Linda Ordinance:

In recognition of the need to provide local residents and businesses within the community with additional options to meet their telecommunications needs, as adopted by city council resolution, all new development projects within the city, regardless of whether such new development falls within the fiber-optic master plan area, and additions that exceed more than fifty percent of the original structure that fall within the fiber-optic master plan area, will be required to participate in, and will be bound by, the connected community program and all conditions and requirements contained therein. Further, any conditions or requirements of the connected community program may be required as a condition of approval of any such new development or addition exceeding fifty percent of the original structure. (Ord. 629 §1, 2004)