The Headlines Say It All. When Guns Are Involved, People Die

A letter to the editor in today’s New York Times succinctly makes the case that when guns are involved, people die. When they’re not, people are hurt.

To the Editor:

The New York Times, Dec. 15, 2012:

Page A1: “Gunman Massacres 20 Children at School in Connecticut.” Twenty children shot, 20 died.

Page A9: “Man Stabs 22 Children in China.” Twenty-two received knife wounds, 22 survived.

National Rifle Association claim: Guns don’t kill. People do.

Case closed.

. Decatur, Ga., Dec. 16, 2012


David Morris
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David Morris

David Morris is co-founder of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and currently ILSR's distinguished fellow. His five non-fiction books range from an analysis of Chilean development to the future of electric power to the transformation of cities and neighborhoods.  For 14 years he was a regular columnist for the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. His essays on public policy have appeared in the New York TimesWall Street Journal, Washington PostSalonAlternetCommon Dreams, and the Huffington Post.

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  1. Chris Striebeck
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    Really? I thought this was the Institute of Local Self Reliance – not Self Rejection. What a woeful and irresponsible over simplification. Let’s not forget that we don’t live in a vacuum. Given the suggestion of more gun control, it would appear that you are perpetuating the myth that Uncle Sugar can save us from the evils of men. Regardless, I would recommend brushing up on some history and fact prior to joining the chorus of emotion. To get up to speed, try: More Gus, Less Crime by John Lott or for a very recent assessment, see: I expect better out of ILSR. Although perhaps initially counter-intuitive, public good can only be the summation of individual good within the confines of the Non-Agression Principle – something that an organization which exists by force and violence through exhortion a/k/a taxation i.e. government or the State, can never sustainably provide.

    Chris Striebeck

  2. peacenik
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    Just take a look at who owns who and who buys what folks.

    The ONLY man we should have had in the WH is the ONLY UNBOUGHT one, and the ONLY one who fights for cleaning up the DC cesspool and dethroning the banksters and their corps.

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