Walmart Supercenters now outnumber regular Walmart stores

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Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer, March 24, 2012 Supercenters, which average more than four times the size of a typical grocery store, sell everything a regular Walmart store does, plus baked goods, deli items, frozen foods, meat, dairy, snacks and produce.  In many communities it’s a problem when the big box retailer moves their operation somewhere else.  … Read More

Is ‘Buy Local’ Enough?

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Publisher’s Weekly, March 23, 2012 Like the Austin Independent Business Alliance, begun by Steve Bercu, co-owner of BookPeople, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, many early shop-local initiatives were started to keep Borders out. In Austin, Borders attempt to move across the street from Bercu’s store also led him to enlist Dan Houston and … Read More

Vermont’s Solar Deal: One Small State Makes a Big Solar Impact

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Renewable Energy World, March 19, 2012 Vermont legislators enacted a groundbreaking bill that streamlines the installation process for small-scale solar – including the elimination of time-consuming and expensive permitting. So, how much does the bill actually reduce the cost of solar?   Estimating the true cost of a residential system can be difficult to pin down. According … Read More

The Cotton Conundrum

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Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish, March 16, 2012 Pamela Ravasio wonders if we are designating our land resources appropriately: [T]he plantations of the three largest cotton growers – the US, China and India – alone account for 50 million acres, 42% of all agricultural land. In contrast, food crops amount to some 40 million acres and fuel crops … Read More

Walmart backs anti-environmental lawmakers while pushing ‘sustainable’ image

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The Raw Story, March 15, 2012 Although Walmart has heavily promoted its sustainability initiatives, the company has given millions to lawmakers who oppose stricter environmental regulations.  “Walmart talks big about sustainability, but doesn’t put its campaign money anywhere near where its mouth is,” states a report by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. “Whatever the company may … Read More

Rooftop revolution: How to get solar to 100 million Americans

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Grist, March 14, 2012 Get a load of this:  Nearly 100 million Americans could install over 60,000 megawatts of solar at less than grid prices – without subsidies – by 2021.  That’s from a new report by John Farrell at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance called “Rooftop Revolution: Changing Everything with Cost-Effective Local Solar.”   It’s about … Read More

Predator or prey? Charter cuts Internet prices to compete with city-owned network

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Ars Technica, March 13, 2012 One of the benefits of living next to a municipal Internet Service Provider came into focus this month. Residents of Monticello, Minnesota found a hastily composed flyer in their mailboxes. The missive listed Charter Cable’s basic and digital tier offerings, with an extra enticement scribbled in hand on the right side … Read More

How Big Is The Gap Between Walmart’s Sustainability Rhetoric & The Reality?

Date: 12 Mar 2012 | posted in: Media Coverage, Retail | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail, March 12, 2012 Perhaps no other corporation elicits such strong reactions in the environmental community as Walmart—thanks largely to the impact the mega-retailer has on communities’ small businesses and development patterns, contrasted with pledges to green up their act and potential market impact if the reality ever meets the rhetoric. The latest independent assessment of … Read More

Report: Walmart Is Not Walking the Walk

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Triple Pundit, March 12, 2012 A report by the Minneapolis-based Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) entitled “Walmart’s Greenwash” examines the retail giant’s environmental impact and finds that the results are falling far short of the promises. According to senior researcher and author Stacy Mitchell, “Walmart’s sustainability campaign has done more to improve the company’s image than … Read More

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