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Fall is a perfect time to learn how to compost! Looking for a way to recycle your food scraps and fall leaves to enhance your own soil? Interested in producing your own “black gold” for your yard or garden? Need an activity to do with your children? 

Learn how to home compost! 

In honor of International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste on September 29, ILSR is offering two free virtual workshops, one in Spanish and one in English.

Friday, September 29th, 12 to 1 pm ET: Taller del Compostaje Casero (Learn How to Home Compost) in Spanish

¡Aprende a hacer compostaje en casa! Todos están invitados a un taller virtual GRATIS, que se dará en español, en linea la comodidad de su hogar. Aprenda cómo hacer compostaje en su propio patio trasero y así poner su granito de tierra fértil para salvar el mundo. Registrar aquí. (English: Learn how to home compost! Everyone is invited to a FREE virtual workshop, which will be given in Spanish, online in the comfort of your home. Learn how to compost in your own backyard and create fertile soil to save the world.)

Presentado por: Institute for Local Self Reliance, Regenerative Solutions

Saturday, September 30th, 9 to 10 am ET: Intro to Composting at Home

Learn how to home compost and make your own “black gold” for your yard or garden! This workshop will cover the basics of hot composting outside as well as worm composting (suitable for small patios and apartments). Composting cuts pollution from trash, landfills, and incinerators while storing carbon in soils and enhancing soil health. Learn the key ingredients for success by taking this online workshop. To support ILSR in providing these resources for free, please consider making a nominal donation of $15. Register here. Donate here.

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Daniela Ochoa González

Owner/Founder, Regenerative Solutions

Daniela Ochoa González será la entrenadora principal. Daniela es consultora trilingüe, traductora y maestra compostadora con más de 14 años de experiencia fomentando conductas regenerativas, especialmente reduciendo los desperdicios de alimentos e implementando el compostaje como rituales diarios en pos de la justicia ambiental y la acción climática. Antes de mudarse al área metropolitana de DC, Daniela era una planificadora de Basura Cero con la ciudad de Austin, donde administraba su programa de reembolso para el compostaje casero.

Daniela Ochoa Gonzalez will be the lead trainer for the September 29th workshop. Daniela is a trilingual consultant, translator and master composter with more than 14 years of experience facilitating regenerative behavior, specially related to food waste reduction and composting as daily rituals for Environmental Justice and Climate Action. Before moving to the DC metro area, Daniela was a Zero Waste Planner with the City of Austin, where she administered Austin’s home composting rebate program.

Brenda Platt

Director, Composting for Community Initiative
Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Washington, DC.

Brenda and her team at ILSR are supporting community-scale composters via forums, webinars, podcasts, guides, policies, training, and more. She has been a home composter for more than 30 years and is a lead trainer for ILSR’s Neighborhood Soil Rebuilders Composter Train-the-Trainer Program. In 2017, the US Composting Council awarded her its H. Clark Gregory Award for outstanding service to the composting industry through grassroots efforts. In 2019, BioCycle magazine featured Brenda as one of its organics recycling trailblazers.


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Brenda Platt

Brenda Platt directs ILSR's Composting for Community project.

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Jordan Ashby

Jordan Ashby is the Advocacy and Communications Lead for the Composting for Community Initiative, where she applies her passion for education, equity, and sustainable futures to assist with the development and execution of the communications strategy.