Working Partner Update: DoxiCom Global Inc. – Jackson, Tennessee

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DoxicomGlobal, Inc, started in 2011 by Sidney Wilson, Jr., sees itself as the young child with his finger in the dam stopping a flood and as a result great harm. The company’s mission is to reduce the flood of waste heading to the country’s landfills and incinerators. In 2016 they succeeded in diverting 30,000 tons from the waste stream for reuse by industry.

DoxicomGlobal is among the fastest growing companies that ILSR works with in the recycling sector. The company specializes in finding markets for hard to recycle materials as well as traditional materials such as cardboard, office paper, 1-7 plastics and film plastic including shrink-wrap. It also handles difficult materials such as butt ends of duct tape, yellow film, ice packs, organic peroxide, wood scrap, fabrics, laminated films and even an unusual combination of metal shavings, water base coolant and grinding wheel shavings, call “swarf.” All of which, among other industrial discards, are kept from landfills and incinerators.

Only 25%-30% of the materials handled by DoxicomGlobal actually make its way to the company’s Jackson warehouse. Most of the business is handled by arranging for shipments from the generating client to the end user for the material that the company has identified. The best way to engage DoxicomGlobal is to send a careful description of the stranded merchandise with accompanying pictures. This allows company staff to search their own end user base of companies with social media such as Constant Contact to find new outlets.

DoxicomGlobal’s best customers are factories and distribution centers with over 200 employees, although they handle materials from companies of all sizes. The company prides itself on having developed a strong reputation as the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ of the waste stream industry reflecting its disciplined research finding new end users for diverse materials.

Even though most materials never come to the company warehouse, a processing and inventory center is essential for the success of the enterprise.

Currently, DoxicomGlobal is looking to expand with centers in other major US metropolitan centers. The current franchisees are acting as salespeople pending the establishing of a recycling center in their part of the country. One approach is for the company to undertake joint ventures with existing recycling centers, which can provide space needed for the company to operate efficiently in a new part of the country. DoxicomGlobal also provides financial support and encouragement to help generators keep materials out of landfills and incinerators.

Quick turnaround of materials sent to the warehouse is a key to the company’s success. As part of their mission DoxicomGlobal will provide clients with balers, pallet jacks, trailers and related equipment needed for sorting, baling and shipping. DoxicomGlobal places a trailer at the client’s facility and then coordinates pick up and shipment of processed materials directly to end-users.

The company has expanded to 10 warehouse workers, four office staff and four franchisees with offices in Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis and Jackson. The company handles materials from all corners of the US. Wilson’s goal is to have franchisees in every state.

Wilson is motivated by an entrepreneurial spirit applied to practical steps to ward off impacts of climate change, create good jobs and reduce industry costs for waste disposal.

The job is to spend time with companies to explain how DoxicomGlobal can increase their bottom line. “Once a manufacturer understands that paying $7,000 for our services is better than spending $10,000 on disposal costs we partner to achieve their goals”.

The company also provides positive customer relations through the use of its logo Greenguroo to brand companies as good environmental neighbors, working to reduce pollution and combat the negative impacts of climate change. “The logo is DoxicomGlobal’s equivalent to the Good Housekeeping seal on a product,” says Wilson.

Additional efforts will be made to attend conferences to network and make participants aware of the services DoxiecomGlobal provides. Wilson will be attending and exhibiting at the Waste Conference at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans from May 8-11.

Wilson can be reached at Also see

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