Work – The Public Good Index

Work – The Public Good Index

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Number of U.S. states that mandate paid maternity leave: 4.

Number of countries that do: 185.

Maximum number of weeks of paid maternity leave in U.S. states: 16.

Number of countries that provide more than 16 weeks of paid maternity leave: 105.

Number of countries that provide 52 weeks or more of paid maternity leave: 33.

Number of US states that mandate paid sick leave: 5.

Number of countries that do: 145.


State Family and Medical Leave Laws, National Conference of State Legislatures, 2016.

Is paid leave available to mothers and fathers of infants?, World Policy Analysis Center – UCLA.


Change in labor productivity from 1948-1973: 96.7 percent.

Change in hourly compensation: 91.3 percent.

Change in labor productivity 1973 to 2015: 73.7 percent.

Change in hourly compensation: 12.3 percent.

Source: The Productivity–Pay Gap, Economic Policy Institute, 2017.


Ratio of CEO compensation to that of typical worker in 1978: 30-1.

In 2013 (excluding Facebook): 510-1.

Source: CEO Pay Continues to Rise as Typical Workers Are Paid Less, Economic Policy Institute, 2014.

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