West Hollywood Mandates Green Building Standards on Private Development

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On July 16, 2007, the West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously to pass the Green Building Requirements and Incentives for Private Development Ordinance that applies a suite of energy conservation and renewable energy requirements to both residential and commercial development. Some provisions apply to new building projects while others apply to remodeling projects at existing buildings.

Democratic Energy notes that one of these nearly 20 green building requirements in the city’s Ordinance 07-762 is a requirement to prepare the building for the installation of future photovoltaic systems. It requires the builder to install a conduit from an electricity room or panels to the roof, and document how solar power could be accommodated.

“The City has been a leading force in enacting policies to promote the environment. Passage of the Green Building Ordinance continues this legacy and represents a truly collaborative effort between the public and private sectors,” noted West Hollywood Council member Abbe Land in their press release.

This new policy also outlines a point system used to regulate “all new commercial developments and residential developments with three or more units.” These developments must include a minimum of 60 points from the West Hollywood Green Building Point System Table (not yet published). Projects exceeding 90 points will enjoy one of the 8 listed incentives. The intent of the point system is that it will stress locally-available materials and promote the inclusion of green elements early in the project design. Also, it will provide the ability to adopt green elements throughout the design process.

The new ordinance is tied to existing green building certification standards. Projects receiving “a minimum rating of ‘Certified’ with the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) shall be exempt from the point requirements of the West Hollywood Green Building Program.”

All projects scheduled for completion after October 1, 2007, must adhere to the provisions of Ordinance 07-762.


  • West Hollywood’s Green Building Information
  • Full Text of West Hollywood’s Green Building Ordinance 07-762— adopted July 16,2007
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