Photo: Testimony at CPC Hearing

Watch: Stacy Mitchell Testifies on Federal Policy to Support Strong Local Economies

Date: 30 Apr 2015 | posted in: Retail | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

placeholderOn April 15, 2015, ILSR’s Stacy Mitchell testified at a hearing held by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The forum, chaired by Representatives Keith Ellison and Raúl Grijalva, focused on how federal contracting and other forms of financial support for business should be overhauled to reflect American values and build the kind of economy we need. The hearing featured perspectives from both low-wage workers and independent businesses.

As Stacy noted in her testimony, much of federal policy now works to bend the marketplace in favor of big corporations, putting both workers and small businesses at a competitive disadvantage. Federal subsidies, tax credits, loan guarantees, and other public benefits skew heavily in favor of large, low-wage corporations over responsible small businesses.

Other speakers included Saru Jayaraman of the Restaurant Opportunities Center; George Faraday, Policy Director of Change to Win; Ji Hye Kim, a co-owner of Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor; Luis Chilinquinga, a McDonald’s worker at the Smithsonian Institution; and Robyn Law, a fast-food worker employed at the Pentagon.

Read a transcript of Stacy’s testimony here, and view the full hearing here.