Waste to Wealth Summit September 13 & 14

The Appalachia Ohio Zero Waste Initiative will bring together regional solid waste management stakeholders from Appalachian communities in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia for a two-day summit that will examine how to build and sustain rural wealth by increasing resource recovery and supporting the development of recycling-based businesses. Attendees will learn about exemplary rural recycling programs, innovative recycling-based businesses, the zero waste economy, rural solid waste policy, and the Wealth Creation Model.

Neil Seldman, president of the Institute of Local Self-Reliance, will give the keynote address. Seldman provides technical assistance to cities, community groups and businesses in the field of sustainable resource management and has pioneered developments in processing, building deconstruction and small scale manufacturing from recycled materials.

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Neil Seldman

Neil Seldman, Ph.D, directs the Waste to Wealth Initiative. He specializes in helping cities and businesses recover increasing amounts of materials from the waste stream and add value to the local economy through new processing and manufacturing facilities. He is a co-founder of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.