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Policy Tools for Capacity Building

The Waste to Wealth program seeks to encourage a composting infrastructure that is locally distributed and possesses a diversity of scales, feedstock materials, and end-uses for compost products. For more information, see ILSR’s report on “The State of Composting in the US” for … Read More

Maryland – Right to Compost for HOAs and Condos

The right to engage in composting is often prohibited or highly restricted for those living within homeowners’ associations (HOAs) or condominiums. Maryland House Bill 248, which became law on May 30th, 2021 without the Governor’s signature, clarifies rights and restrictions on composting regulations in condominiums and HOAs throughout Maryland. The new law, sponsored by Delegate Emily Shetty (District 18), allows condominium and HOA unit owners to subscribe to food scrap collection services and HOA lot owners to compost at home. It will take effect on October 1, 2021. … Read More

Rules to Encourage Composting

Policy is a major driving factor in enabling and mobilizing composting efforts, especially for farmers and local community sites, by providing financial incentives and supporting expansion of infrastructure. A growing number of cities, counties, and states are recognizing the benefits of composting and, accordingly, enacting policy measures that support the creation and expansion of composting programs and efforts.… Read More

ILSR Op/Ed in Baltimore Brew: Baltimore’s Recycling Program Needs New Thinking, Not Shiny New Carts

Date: 11 Jul 2021 | posted in: waste - recycling, Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

In an op/ed published in Baltimore Brew on July 6, ILSR’s Neil Seldman urges Baltimore city officials to put a windfall of new funding towards a better approach to its existing recycling system, rather than investing in new carts while retaining its current “outmoded and inefficient” system.… Read More

Maryland – Montgomery County Ag Zoning Amendment

In February 2021, the Montgomery County Council unanimously passed the Montgomery County Ag Reserve Zoning Amendment, which addresses limitations on the amount of materials farmers can source from off their farms for producing compost or mulch. This zoning amendment makes it easier for farmers in the county to mulch and compost by allowing more material to be sourced from off their farms.… Read More

Maryland – Organics Recycling and Waste Diversion

In April 2021, the Maryland Legislature passed House Bill 264, “Solid Waste Management – Organics Recycling and Waste Diversion – Food Residuals,” sponsored by Delegate Lorig Charkoudian (District 20). The bill’s goal is to divert wasted food from landfills and incinerators and spur the development of more capacity to reduce, rescue, and recycle this material. It became law on May 30th without Governor Hogan’s signature. … Read More

Mother Jones Article: “New FTC Report Is Manna for the Right-to-Repair Movement”

Date: 7 Jun 2021 | posted in: Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

The FTC recently released a long-anticipated report to Congress examining the repair restrictions facing consumers, along with a summary of arguments for and against those restrictions. Its conclusion was stark: There’s “scant evidence” to support manufacturers’ justifications for restricting repair, while the solutions repair advocates have proposed are “well supported” by their testimonials.… Read More

New Video Shatters Myths of “Chemical Recycling”

An important and informative new 2 minute animated video focuses on the many flaws of the process the plastics industry calls “chemical recycling.” The video was produced by the Global Anti Incineration Alliance (GAIA), Zero Waste Europe, and Changing Markets Foundation.… Read More

ILSR Advises Hawaii to Avoid Solid Waste Combustion as a Waste Management Strategy

When widespread rollbacks in recycling programs throughout Hawaii led to renewed calls for waste-to-energy, Recycle Hawaii commissioned ILSR to analyze the status of technologies promoted as environmentally friendly. This memorandum highlights the findings of that analysis, which drew on the expertise of specialists familiar with pyrolysis and gasification technologies and also reviewed relevant trends as a means to create a context for Hawaii-based policy makers. ILSR found that both gasification and pyrolysis have failed to live up to the promise of a cost effective and nonpolluting technology.… Read More

May 18 Hearing is Last Chance for Wisconsin Citizens to Weigh in on Controversial Landfill Proposal

Date: 12 May 2021 | posted in: agriculture, Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

On May 18, citizens in Waukesha County, WI will have one final opportunity to comment on a highly controversial effort to move a hazardous waste landfill at a hearing to be held by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.… Read More

Anti Incineration Update From ILSR’s Waste to Wealth Initiative For March and April, 2021

Anti Incineration Updates from Montgomery County, MD + Carroll County, MD + Hartford, CT + Springfield, MA + Cork Harbour, Ireland + Jeffrey Morris on the Cost of Incineration + Paul Connett on Video… Read More

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