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Iowa – Waste Disposal Surcharge

Iowa collects a base tonnage fee of $4.25 per ton on waste disposed of at municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills, which went into effect in 1987 via the Groundwater Protection Act of 1987 (presently Iowa State Code section 455B.310). Tonnage fee reports for Jan-Dec 2020 indicate $8 million in revenue.… Read More

North Carolina – Waste Disposal Surcharge

The state of North Carolina implemented a Solid Waste Disposal Tax of $2 per ton on July 1, 2008, which generated $23 million in FY 2020-21. Revenue from the Disposal Tax currently supports city and county solid waste management programs and hazardous site cleanup, and previously supported a Solid Waste Management Trust Fund.… Read More

Single Stream/Dual Stream: Contending Approaches to Recycling in the US

Date: 13 Jan 2022 | posted in: waste - recycling, Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

After two decades of a headlong rush to single stream recycling collection programs across the US, are they still the best positioned to take us into the new recycling future we’re in the process of designing? Or do other approaches such as dual stream collection offer some important advantages?… Read More

Minnesota – Waste Generator Surcharges

Minnesota exhibits a unique example of a waste surcharge, where fees are collected at the generator level instead of at the disposal site. First introduced in 1997, Minnesota’s solid waste surcharges, called the Solid Waste Management Taxes, target household, commercial, and industrial waste generators. These taxes intend to incentivize participation in recycling and composting programs.… Read More

Santa Clara County, California – Waste Disposal Surcharges

Santa Clara County’s commitment to achieving zero waste is exemplified by its Sustainability Master Plan, which aims to achieve a 75% reduction in disposed organic waste by 2025 (compared to 2014 levels), in addition to a 25% reduction from 2019 levels of daily per-capita waste generation by 2030. One way that the County supports its waste reduction efforts is through surcharges on waste disposal.… Read More

Alameda County, California – Waste Disposal Surcharges

Alameda County’s robust system of waste management and diversion has allowed the county to achieve a 67% waste diversion rate, as of 2018. Through grants and projects administered by StopWaste, disposal fee revenue has funded numerous innovative projects in Alameda County over the years, including projects that prevent, divert, and recover wasted food, support building healthy soils, and increase availability and quality of local compost products, to name a few.… Read More

Baltimore Youth Organizer Carlos Sanchez Points Out Pitfalls of City Council Plan

Carlos Sanchez, a Baltimore high-school student and youth organizer for Free Your Voice and Fair Development Land Trust, responded to the announcement of a new Zero Waste Commission for the City with a thought-provoking op/ed in Baltimore Brew. He notes that a plan already developed by the community – with ambitious goals and revenue sources – will do more to end health-harming air pollution than the entity the City Council is proposing.… Read More

Indiana – Waste Disposal Surcharge

Established in 1996, Indiana charges a state-wide solid waste disposal fee of $0.50 per ton on solid waste disposal at final disposal facilities in Indiana. The revenue is deposited equally into the Solid Waste Management Fund and the Indiana Recycling Promotion and Assistance Fund.… Read More

New Jersey – Waste Disposal Surcharge

In 1987, New Jersey became the second state in the country to make recycling mandatory. The state demonstrated its renewed commitment to waste diversion with the passage of the Recycling Enhancement Act (REA) in 2008, which imposed a recycling tax of $3 per ton of solid waste disposed at or transferred to a solid waste facility, including transfer to out-of-state facilities.… Read More

Wisconsin – Waste Disposal Surcharges

Wisconsin established its “State solid waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, and resource recovery policy” in 1989 with Act 335, now codified in section 287.05 of the Wisconsin Statutes. This policy recognizes that waste reduction and diversion are in the best interest of the state to conserve resources, preserve the environment, and protect public health. The policy established a hierarchical preference of solid waste management options… Read More

Pennsylvania – Waste Disposal Surcharges

Pennsylvania is a pioneer in using State-imposed surcharges on top of existing tipping fees to fund state and municipal recycling and local land conservation programs. Revenues come from a $6.25-per-ton surcharge on top of municipal waste disposal fees.  … Read More

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