Watch: Roundtable on the Minneapolis-Utility Clean Energy Partnership

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What can we expect from the first-in-the-nation clean energy partnership between the City of Minneapolis and its electric and gas utilities? Check out this video conversation from a November 2014 MNSEIA conference in Minnesota with the utilities, the city, and the lead grassroots organization about the history, the agreement, and the hopes for this novel partnership.



Participants in this 55-minute conversation include:

  • John Farrell of Institute for Local Self-Reliance and the Minneapolis Energy Options campaign
  • Mike Bull, of Center for Energy and Environment, authors of the City Pathways Study that first outlined the partnership concept
  • Brendon Slotterback, City of Minneapolis Sustainability office
  • Bridget McLaughlin, Xcel Energy representative to the Partnership
  • Jeff Daugherty, CenterPoint Energy representative to the Partnership

You can also view an 8-minute segment with John Farrell’s remarks and a summary of the Partnership history, read the bold, ambitious 9-point workplan proposed by Minneapolis Energy Options, or read the city’s press release on the signing of the Partnership.


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