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Unanimous Dissent Radio On Munis, The FCC Decision, And State Barriers

| Written by Lisa Gonzalez | No Comments | Updated on Sep 8, 2016 The content that follows was originally published on the Institute for Local Self-Reliance website at
Unanimous Dissent Radio Show – September 2, 2016
Last week, Christopher was a guest on the Unanimous Dissent Radio Show. Sam Sacks and Sam Knight asked him to share information about the details on state barriers around the country.

The guys get into the nitty gritty on state level lobbying and anti-muni legislation. They also discuss how a growing number of communities are interested in the local accountability, better services, and improved quality of life that follows publicly owned Internet infrastructure.

The show is now posted on SoundCloud and available for review. Christopher’s interview starts around 17:00 and runs for about 15 minutes. Check it out:

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