Working Partner Update: The Repair Association

An Electronics Right to Repair Act AB-2110 has been proposed in California that will require that manufacturers to make repair, diagnostic information, equipment and service parts available to consumers and repair shops. This is a long time goal of ILSR Working Partner The Repair Association,… Read More

Working Partner Update: Second Chance Baltimore

Second Chance, the pioneering building deconstruction social enterprise and ILSR have been working partners since 2003, when the organization began operations. 2017 Impact Report from Second Chance, Baltimore Second Chance has grown to over 250 workers; most of these workers were recruited from the rolls of the hard to employ the chronically unemployed, workers with criminal … Read More

Working Partner Update: Save the Albatross Coalition

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See below a letter from ILSR President, Neil Seldman, and Algalita Marine Research and Education Founder, Captain Charles Moore imploring further environmental groups to join the Save the Albatross Coalition: CALLING ON ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATIONS TO JOIN THE “SAVE THE ALBATROSS” COALITION Click here to support our legislative campaign! The Save the Albatross Coalition  (SAC) is a bootstrap campaign dedicated to stopping … Read More

Working Partner Update: Eco-Cycle; Boulder, Colo.

ILSR and Eco-Cycle have been working partners since the mid 1970s when both organizations were founded. During the beginning years of the post World War II resurgence in recycling in the late 1960s – early 1970s, community drop-off centers grew into community based curbside collection enterprises; often started in activists’ back yards and porches, gas stations, … Read More

Working Partner Update: The Lifecycle Building Center

The Lifecycle Building Center (LBC) has released its 2017 annual report indicating its continued growth and impact on Atlanta area communities. The enterprise makes building materials available to the public at deep discounts instead of placing those materials into landfills. Customers purchase materials at prices ranging from $0.15-$0.50 on the dollar and nonprofits receive free material … Read More

Municipal Waste and the Benefits of Re-Use

“What’s going on in Baltimore shows how cities can profit both economically and socially from giving reusable materials a second life,” writes ILSR co-founder Neil Seldman in this Governing article.… Read More

Working Partner Update: Captain Charles Moore’s TED Talk

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The following video is the latest report on the research on ocean plastics from Captain Charles Moore, Algalita Marine Research, Long Beach, CA. Captain Moore and Neil Seldman of ILSR are co-chairmen of the Save the Albatross Coalition, a project of Zero Waste International Alliance. From TED: Capt. Charles Moore of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation … Read More

Working Partner Update: Container Recycling Institute

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Our allies at the Container Recycling Institute have issued a response to Pepsi-Cola’s recently announced support for bottle bills/container deposits and the status of California’s bottle bill recycling system. The nonprofit Container Recycling Institute is a leading authority on the economic and environmental impacts of used beverage containers and other consumer product packaging. Its mission is to make North … Read More

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