AT&T Lobbying Likely to Increase Wisconsin School, Library Telecom Costs

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The University of Wisconsin recently withdrew from its contract with WiscNet, threatening the future of the network. Stop the Cap! reports the University bowed under pressure from Republican lawmakers and threats of litigation from the likes of AT&T, CenturyLink, and the Wisconsin State Telecom Association (WSTA). Costly litigation could interrupt UW’s research and educational work and UW must consider … Read More

Responding to “Crazy Talk” – Community Broadband Bits Episode #50

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For our 50th episode, we’re trying something new: Lisa and I respond to three common claims made by opponents of community owned networks. We owe these three particular arguments to the Executive Director of the trade association of Wisconsin telephone companies. Each of the clips we respond to come from claims he made at a workshop … Read More

Steve Johnson – Episode 3 of Local Energy Rules Podcast

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In this edition of Local Energy Rules, John Farrell and Wade Underwood speak with Steve Johnson of Convergence Energy about a successful 660 kilowatt community solar project near Delavan, WI. The project required 33 separate LLCs to take advantage of the state’s net metering rules, and also used the limited-time federal cash grant program to pull it … Read More

Waukesha’s WECAN Now Provides 1 Gbps to the Internet

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Waukesha, Wisconsin now offers an ultra-fast connection for educational and government members. WiscNetWire reports that the region’s Community Area Network (CAN) obtained 1 gigabit Internet capability in August. We have reported on Wisconsin’s efforts to expand connectivity using the CAN model of collaboration. The people of Wisconsin are hard at working connecting to each other with … Read More

Anti-public schools candidates crushed in Wisconsin

Date: 17 Aug 2012 | posted in: From the Desk of David Morris, The Public Good | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

With public schools under attack everywhere, a inspiring victory came out of Wisconsin last week.  The American Federation for Children (AFC), a pro school privatization group funded by billionaires from Michigan and millionaires from several other states, entered a slate of candidates in Democratic primaries for the state Assembly and Senate. The battle was joined when … Read More

Collaboration Alive and Well In Wisconsin Broadband Expansion

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Wise people say that collaboration often leads to a better result than individual efforts. Recently, I was reminded of the benefits of different levels of collaboration, as they relate to community networks, in two separate articles about fiber-optic expansion in Wisconsin. First, is a recent Randy Happel article in Trenchless Technology, about how UW-Extension is working … Read More

Wisconsin To Stop Doing Cost-Benefit Studies Because They Find Public Is Better

Back in 2005,  Wisconsin state agencies were found to be spending more contracting out for services than if they were done by existing public employees.  In response the legislature, with bipartisan support, passed a bill requiring agencies to conduct a cost-benefit analysis before privatizing large public contracts. By far the biggest state government outsourcer was and … Read More

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