Chattanooga Cements Status as Best Network in the Nation

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Chattanooga’s EPB Fiber, a municipal FTTH system owned by the city’s electric power board, has dramatically lowered its prices for the gigabit connection and increased all Internet speed tiers. The slowest connection you can get from EPB Fiber is 100 Mbps symmetrical – and it comes at the same price that most cable tiers start at … Read More

Mudd Advertising and Cedar Falls Utility Talk Gigabit Broadband

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As we reported back in May, Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) now offers citywide gigabit broadband. Mudd Advertising is one local company poised to take full advantage of the new blazing speeds. Mudd invited officials from CFU into its studio for a live panel discussion about the new gigabit service and what it means for the community. … Read More

TV Everywhere in Tullahoma, Tennessee

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Tullahoma’s network, LighTUBe, continues to bring new services to residents and business customers, including smart metering and gig service. LighTUBe has increased Internet speeds without raising rates five times since 2008. Now, LighTUBe offers ‘TV Everywhere’ to subscribers. The Tullahoma New reports: TV Everywhere allows customers to watch content on mobile devices such as iPads and … Read More

Rockbridge Area Network Authority Close to Launch in Virginia

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The Rockbridge Area Network Authority (RANA) is almost ready to launch its open access network in north central Virginia, home to about 22,000 people. A recipient of the BTOP stimulus program, the main focus is connecting community anchor institutions and spurring economic development. However, it has been built to allow service providers to also offer DSL … Read More

To Celebrate Our Independence Day, Let’s Reclaim Our Independence

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On the day that celebrates our Independence as a nation, I encourage you to consider how we can declare independence as a people from the corruption of our nation, specifically the corruption of a few very powerful people and corporations of our republic. Larry Lessig offers a perspective below in a popular TED Talk. This is … Read More

Cedar Falls, Iowa, Now Offers 1 Gig Service

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Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) just announced that it is ready to serve customers with 1 gig service. Earlier this year, CFU increased speeds for existing customers at no expense and we watched their expansion and upgrade from cable to FTTH.  Jon Ericson reported in the Courier that the city hopes to boost economic development in Cedar … Read More

Longmont City Council Approves Fiber Network

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Longmont, Colorado, will move ahead with plans to offer fiber connectivity to the entire community. After presenting this business plan to the City Council, members voted unanimously on May 14th to support the measure. Scott Rochat from the Times-Call attended the meeting. Residents stepped forward to express their opinions and all but one urged the council … Read More

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