Instructive Lessons on Ethanol

Date: 2 Feb 2005 | posted in: Energy, Energy Self Reliant States, Press Release | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

ILSR’s vice president David Morris gives the West Wing writers a piece of his mind and gives the rest of us an important lesson on the renewable fuel called ethanol.

Critics of ethanol often used outdated information and unsubstantiated rumors in arguments against the renewable fuel. Myths about the negative aspects of ethanol have persisted for decades even though the vast majority of studies continue to show the environmental, security and economic development benefits that the fuel provides. My colleague David Morris’ recent column is instructive reading.

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Minnesota Seeks 20 Percent Biofuels Requirement

Date: 28 Jan 2005 | posted in: Energy, Energy Self Reliant States | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

Already a renewable fuels policy leader, the state of Minnesota is considering adopting a stricter mandate for biofuels content in the state’s gasoline supplies. Governor Pawlenty announced his support for a 20 percent ethanol content and a handful of bills have been introduced at the legislature to implement the goal.

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California Feels Global Warming Heat From Automakers

Date: 9 Dec 2004 | posted in: Energy, Energy Self Reliant States | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

A coalition of U.S. and foreign automobile manufacturers and car dealerships in California joined together to file a lawsuit against California’s innovative rule to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles in that state. In a tug of war between federal and state authority, the stage is set for a public debate on how far a state can go in directing its own energy future.

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