Georgia Town Eliminates Local Tax With Network Revenue

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Thomasville belongs to Community Network Services (CNS), serving six communities in southwest Georgia. Thanks in part to revenue generated by the network, this community of 18,000 has eliminated its local fire tax. In 2013, Thomasville is estimated to earn a net income of up to $8.5 million from its utility services while keeping prices affordable in … Read More

Ikea Backs Out Of New Rochelle

Date: 1 Mar 2001 | posted in: Retail | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

In the last issue of this Bulletin, we reported on a massive citizen effort in New Rochelle, New York to block a 300,000 square foot Ikea furniture superstore. In late January, Ikea and the city jointly announced that they would drop the project.

Although the press release issued by Mayor Tim Idoni, who strongly favored the chain, focused on certain unresolvable traffic issues, opponents contend that the organized and sustained citizen opposition ultimately led to the project’s demise.

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