Voices of 100%: San Diego’s Pathway Forward — Episode 61 of Local Energy Rules Podcast

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As a growing number of U.S. cities make commitments to reach 100 percent renewable electricity, how are cities making plans to achieve these goals? In our third episode of Voices of 100%, a multi-part series of Local Energy Rules, San Diego’s Chief Sustainability Officer Cody Hooven joins John Farrell to discuss how the city is making progress toward its ambitious goal to shift to 100 percent renewable energy.… Read More

Working Partner Update: Zero Waste San Diego

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Zero Waste San Diego calls our attention to the effort in San Diego, CA to adjust the City Ordinance that prohibits the city from charging for residential waste collection services.The law thus “precludes the creation of the industry standard ‘pay as you throw’ financial incentives for recycling and waste reduction’. A waste-based fee “would free up millions of dollars of general fund revenues.” … Read More

Getting San Diego Ready for 100% Renewable Energy — Episode 52 of Local Energy Rules Podcast

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More than 50 U.S. Cities have made commitments to reach 100 percent renewable electricity, but how do communities build the political will to adopt such goals, and how do they plan to meet them? John Farrell interviews Nicole Capretz of the Climate Action Campaign to learn how San Diego’s community choice program will move them toward 100 percent renewable electricity.
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Brenda Platt Speaks to San Diego Food Waste Summit

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On September 27th, Brenda Platt presented “Composting to Build Local Equity” at the San Diego Food System Alliance’s Food Waste Summit 2 in San Diego. Brenda outlined the benefits of composting and the importance of a distributed infrastructure in order to build local soils, local businesses, local jobs, and local equity. Her remarks set the stage … Read More

San Diego Sets Vision, Vets Options for 100% Renewables

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Late last year, San Diego set a landmark goal that made it the largest U.S. city to target a 100% renewable electricity mix over the next two decades. But as the pact’s first anniversary approaches, big questions loom over how exactly San Diego will hit the ambitious benchmark. This is part of a series released in … Read More

Democratic Energy Media Roundup – week of September 7, 2015

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This week in Democratic Energy: California utilities attempt to reduce residential solar, much to solar company ire. Solar energy amendment fight heading to Florida Supreme Court. Inefficient Ohio utility seeks to save money on coal power by passing the cost onto their customers. Featured Stories: This Ohio utility has an innovative plan to save coal power: … Read More

San Diego Bans Supercenters

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The San Diego City Council voted 5-3 to prohibit supercenters — stores that are larger then 90,000 square feet and devote more than 10 percent of their floor area to groceries. The measure will prevent Wal-Mart and Target from opening large supercenters in the city. Wal-Mart supercenters average 187,000 square feet in size.… Read More