The (Small) Private Sector to the Rescue: RoadRunner Recycling, Inc.

There is not much information about private sector recycling in US cities. Recycling studies and statistics typically focus on household recycling while the commercial recycling levels are mostly educated guesses. The US EPA estimates that 35% of commercial and household municipal waste is recycled. Cities in the last decade have adopted single stream recycling at the … Read More

Homeboy Recycling, A California Social Purpose Enterprise

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Today Homeboy Recycling operates an electronic recycling enterprise that is part of the state’s Advanced Disposal Fee system for e scrap (SEE, Upon purchase of electronic products in the state, the consumer pays an addition fee to a state run fund that reimburses companies for handling any covered items under the California Electronic Waste Recycling … Read More

City of Frederick Key to Recycling in Frederick County, Maryland

Twelve and a half years ago, Frederick County proposed to build a 1,500 ton-per-day garbage incinerator to manage its waste. The County was forced to kill the proposal 2.5 years ago when organized citizens pointed out the financial risks. The City of Frederick, with 70,000 of the County’s 250,000 population, its own collection crews, landfill and … Read More

ILSR Testimony on Cuts in DC’s Recycling Budget: Poor Timing in the Face of Opportunities

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Letter submitted to Washington D.C. Council Member Mary Cheh: May 4, 2017 Dear Council Member Mary Cheh, Unfortunately I was not available to testify in person on the fiscal budget for 2018 budget for recycling. I hope you will consider my comments on the recycling component of that budget. ILSR is opposed to the Mayor’s proposed … Read More

Alert From California Coalition Opposed to Plastic Industry Recycling Program

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Say NO! To AB 1659: California Legislation Proposed by Manufacturers of Plastic Products ILSR has joined California allies opposed to plastic industry sponsored recycling Bill 1659. The bill proposes meek solutions to the growing problem of plastic pollution in the urban, rural and ocean environments. Among the concerns of the coalition1 are: AB 1659 only addresses … Read More

Report: Why Should Baltimore Recycle More?

There are two primary reasons why Baltimore should invest in more recycling. Establishing high recycling levels will position the city’s residents and businesses for the future, when the costs of incineration and landfill will be more expensive. The city could save citizens and businesses hundreds of millions of dollars by shrinking its waste stream for the next generation.… Read More

Working Partner Update: DoxiCom Global Inc. – Jackson, Tennessee

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DoxicomGlobal, Inc, started in 2011 by Sidney Wilson, Jr., sees itself at the young child with his finger in the dam stopping a flood and as a result great harm. The company’s mission is to reduce the flood of waste heading to the country’s landfills and incinerators. In 2016 they succeeded in diverting 30,000 tons from the waste stream for reuse by industry.… Read More

Citizens in Fayetteville, Arkansas Protect Curb Sort Recycling from Single Stream Recycling

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Hats off to Louise G. Mann, of Waste Reduction Resources and a network of Fayetteville, AR concerned citizens. On Tuesday, Feb. 21 Fayetteville City Council approved a resolution to move ahead with composting at commercial establishments, as well as recycling of construction & demolition waste.… Read More

IREX Scholars’ Exit Interview – International Community Composting

Between mid-August and early December the Institute for Local Self-Reliance hosted two International Research and Exchange (IREX) fellows. To celebrate our fellows’ work with us, ILSR co-founder Neil Seldman interview both Md. Monirul Islam (from Bangladesh) and Wisdom Nyondoh (from Malawi) about their path to ILSR and their experience learning about composting during the fall. Listen … Read More

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