Working Partner Update: Container Recycling Institute

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Our allies at the Container Recycling Institute have issued a response to Pepsi-Cola’s recently announced support for bottle bills/container deposits and the status of California’s bottle bill recycling system. The nonprofit Container Recycling Institute is a leading authority on the economic and environmental impacts of used beverage containers and other consumer product packaging. Its mission is to make North … Read More

What To Do About Germany’s Packaging Explosion?

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A business report from the German group Deutsche Welle paints a very confusing picture for those looking at Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for paper, packaging and products, or PPP, in US. Does EPR in Germany, the leader in EPR policy for the past three decades, work? The original report from Deutsche Welle is available here. According … Read More

Letters: Prince George’s residents are making too much of a stink about trash collection

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In The Washington Post, Written by Neil Seldman.

The decision to cut twice-a-week garbage collection to once a week is a reasonable response to budget overruns. In today’s world of tight budgets, many cities have made this transition, particularly with the introduction of recycling, which reduces the amount of garbage to be collected.… Read More

Brief History of Solid Waste Management and Recycling in Washington, DC

The history of solid waste and recycling in the District of Columbia is long and diverse. In the early years of the 20th Century low-income girls and women were hired to pick through garbage on sorting tables to recover materials. In the more recent past, recycling of newspapers and metals was a key fundraising tool for … Read More

North Sea Foundation Report on Bottle Caps

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The North Sea bottle cap report provides the most thorough research effort to understand and prevent this deadly form of plastic pollution in our oceans. The North Sea Foundation undertook the ‘bottle cap survey” in order to document the quantity, type and origins of the bottle caps that pollute the country’s North Sea and its beaches. … Read More

Now You Can Recycle While Online Shopping

If you are looking to shop for unique goods without feeling guilty, Kuttlefish is the ecommerce site for you! Kuttlefish offers a platform for sellers and buyers of upcycled and recycled goods. Products only qualify to be sold on Kuttlefish if they meet their material origin promise. The promise requires that at least 5% of the … Read More

Curb Sort Recycling is a Viable Option in Rural and Urban Settings

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ILSR has been looking into curb sort recycling in an effort to help citizens of Fayetteville, Arkansas defend their curb sort system against efforts to change to a single stream system. Follow this link to one of ILSR’s articles on the matter. Maria Kei Oldiges, an intern with ILSR’s Waste to Wealth Initiative, helped research and … Read More

Valuing Overlooked Resources Improves Life In Chicago: The Resource Center

Overview One organization in Chicago has figured out how to extract value from resources that the economy deems useless. The Resource Center works by coupling valuable resources that would otherwise become trash with valuable workers who would otherwise be unemployed. Their work ultimately minimizes the waste the city produces and creates good jobs that enhance the … Read More

What is Baltimore’s Garbage Future? Economic and Public Health Considerations

Date: 23 Jun 2017 | posted in: waste - recycling, Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

The city of Baltimore, its citizens, and its businesses should pay close attention to solid waste and recycling management; it impacts the city’s economic bottom line and its public health. Costs Baltimore’s system for managing waste and recycling is well within the acceptable operational and cost parameters for cities in the mid-Atlantic region. Waste is sent … Read More

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