Video: Accountability and Ownership Matter for Puerto Rico’s Future Grid (John Farrell presentation)

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The Black Start conference in March 2019 convened on- and off-island energy experts to discuss whether Puerto Rico can overcome a colonial past for a greener grid. It happened as the island’s governor aims to privatize the (corrupt) public utility and as new legislation recently passed to require 100% renewable energy. ILSR Co-Director John Farrell presented.… Read More

Large Incinerator Being Fought in Puerto Rico

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Claims of Corruption and Danger to the Island from Garbage Incinerator Planned for Arecibo The Coalition of Anti-Incineration Organizations (, Facebook, & Twitter) is battling against a ‘mega incinerator’ similar to the one proposed for the Curtis Bay community in … Read More

Puerto Rico Okays Wal-Mart Acquisition

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Small business owners are crying foul over an agreement reached between the Puerto Rican government and Wal-Mart. The deal allows Wal-Mart to proceed with its purchase of an island supermarket chain, which will give it control of 40 percent of Puerto Rico’s grocery sales. Last year Wal-Mart won approval from the Federal Trade Commission to purchase the Amigo supermarket chain. Puerto Rican officials said the deal violated local antitrust laws and sued to block the merger. … Read More

Wal-Mart’s Purchase of Puerto Rico Chain Challenged

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Puerto Rico’s Department of Justice has asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit to block Wal-Mart’s acquisition of the island’s largest grocery store chain, Supermercados Amigo Inc. The outcome of the case could affect the ability of states to review and challenge mergers. Wal-Mart already operates 19 outlets in Puerto Rico, including eight Sam’s Club stores and one supercenter. … Read More

Puerto Rico Challenges Wal-mart Acquisition

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A broad coalition has coalesced in Puerto Rico to block an attempt by Wal-Mart to buy Supermercados Amigo, the island’s largest supermarket chain. The deal would give the retailer, which already has $1.16 billion in sales at 19 Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores, a 40 percent share of Puerto Rico’s grocery sales.… Read More