Municipal Broadband in Portland? The Mercury News Has the Story, Quotes ILSR Broadband Expert

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The Portland Mercury News reporter Erik Henriksen wrote a comprehensive feature detailing the possibility of Portland, Oregon investing in a municipal broadband network for the city. In his coverage, Henriksen cites the Institute for Local Self-Reliance for the ways that major Internet Service Providers fight against municipal broadband.… Read More

The Guardian Covers Amazon’s Growing Dominance in Sectors Across the Economy, Citing Stacy Mitchell

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From Whole Foods to cloud computing to manufacturing commonly bought household goods, Amazon is everywhere in our economy. This article from The Guardian from Olivia Solon and Julia Carrie Wong details the reality of the e-commerce company’s domination. For their story Solon and Wong reached out to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s co-director and Community-Scaled Economy initiative director Stacy Mitchell for her perspective on the subject. … Read More

City Government Leader Cites ILSR Research in Supporting Net Neutrality in WaPo

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Mark Howell, the Chief Information Officer for the town of Concord, Massachusetts wrote an article for The Washington Post, detailing the steps that his community has taken to reclaim their authority over Internet access and the cast threat posed by the repeal of net neutrality. In his piece, he cites our comprehensive Community Networks Map to detail the investments that hundreds of communities have taken to improve their Internet access.… Read More

ILSR Co-Founder Interviewed on Benefits & Challenges to Local Recycling

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In an update to municipal recycling, “The Kojo Nnamdi Show” broadcast from WAMU out of Washington D.C. reached out to Neil Seldman, the co-founder of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, to detail what has changed in the metro area and the challenges to this vital infrastructure. Seldman details the economic development benefits of local recycling and advocates for greater infrastructure investment.… Read More

EfficientGov Blog Covers Ohio Community’s Municipal Broadband Success

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Fairlawn, Ohio’s Fairlawn Gig is a great example of a municipal broadband project that is connecting it’s community to high-speed, affordable Internet access. Andrea Fox of the EfficientGov blog heard about our coverage of Fairlawn Gig and decided to write a story about their success.Her story includes a quotation from the Community Broadband Bits podcast episode where ILSR’s Community Broadband Networks initiative director Christopher Mitchell interviewed deputy director Ernie Staten.… Read More

Ensia Covers the Growth of Electric Vehicles, an Important Energy Democracy Turning Point

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As we’ve documented countless times since the release of our electric vehicle report last year, these EVs are going to change the relationship that customers have with the electricity grid. Andy Balaskovitz, writing for Ensia Magazine, details the coming changes to the grid and how folks of all income levels and ownership statuses can benefit from the new technology.

For his story, Balaskovitz interviewed John Farrell, the director of the Energy Democracy initiative.… Read More

As ILSR’s Christopher Mitchell Heads to Boulder, He Joins KGNU to Discuss Community Broadband

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In mid-April, ILSR’s Community Broadband Networks initiative director Christopher Mitchell, took a trip to Boulder, Colorado to speak at a conference hosted by the University of Colorado at Boulder as well as a community event called Boulder, Broadband, & Beers.

When he traveled there, Mitchell was also interviewed by KGNU on the benefits of community broadband. You can listen to the audio stream and read the article on the host page.… Read More

ILSR’s Stacy Mitchell Discusses the Future of Retail on Maine Calling

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Things are constantly changing in retail, from the death of some big-box stores to the growing threat of e-commerce to the re-emergence of local independent businesses. To sort all of this out, and what these vast changes mean for the state of Maine, the show “Maine Calling” from Maine Public Broadcasting aired a show featuring ILSR’s co-director and the director of our Community-Scaled Economy initiative Stacy Mitchell to answer questions and set the stage.… Read More

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