As Police Costs Rise, Towns Reconsider Big Boxes

Date: 1 Sep 2003 | posted in: Retail | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

"When . . . a large development wants to be in your town, you see the tax values surrounding that. . . I think the tendency is to think this is really going to give us a solid foundation," George Fowler, mayor of Pineville, North Carolina, told the Charlotte Observer. "But you don’t realize at that particular point the impact it’s going to have on the services you have to provide."… Read More

Local Bookstore Files Antitrust Suit Against Chains

Date: 1 May 2002 | posted in: Retail | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

The now defunct Intimate Bookshop of North Carolina has filed suit against Barnes & Noble and Borders Books alleging that the chains used their market power to pressure publishers for special discounts and terms unavailable to other retailers. According to documents filed in the case by Intimate’s attorney, Carl Person, the chains received an effective discount of 60 percent off the cover price, compared to only about 40-46 percent given to independent bookstores. … Read More

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