Does the NFIB Really Represent the Interests of Independent Businesses?

Date: 3 Sep 2009 | posted in: Retail | 1 Facebooktwitterredditmail

Today, in the New York Times small business blog, Robb Mandelbaum examines the membership of the National Federation of Independent Businesses has plummeted and takes a look at how the group has lobbied for tax loopholes that boost the profits of big chains, while forcing independent businesses to pay more.   

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More States Close Tax Loophole that Gives Chains an Edge

Date: 6 Mar 2008 | posted in: Retail | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

For years, chain retailers have exploited a loophole present in the tax laws of about half the states to escape paying billions of dollars in state income taxes. Efforts to close these loopholes have faced an uphill struggle, but the momentum may finally be shifting, thanks to research that has exposed the extent of the problem and its primary corporate beneficiaries, as well as new activism by independent business owners, who are breaking rank with powerful business groups to call for tax fairness.… Read More