Carl Junction, Missouri, Plans Community Owned Fiber Network

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Carl Junction, Missouri, is moving ahead with plans to build a fiber network. Steve Lawver, City Administrator, tells us that funding for the $5.2 – $5.6 million project will most likely come through a lease program from the Missouri Public Utility Alliance (MPUA). Lawver tells us that funding will involve private placement non-taxable bonds, available to … Read More

The Missing Piece in the Clean Local Energy Transformation

Date: 1 Nov 2012 | posted in: Energy, Energy Self Reliant States | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

A presentation by ILSR Senior Researcher John Farrell explores how decentralized biogas production could provide a key piece of the future, renewable electricity system.  Given Oct. 29, 2012, in St. Louis to the Biocycle Annual Conference. The Missing Piece in Clean Local Energy from John Farrell

Municipal Network SpringNet is Great for Local Businesses

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On September 11th, we interviewed Todd Murren, Director of SpringNet, for our Community Bradband Bits podcast. Todd told us the story of how travel giant Expedia, chose Springfield, Missouri, as the location for their call center and how SpringNet services them with its high capacity network. Expedia originally planned on working with a large national carrier … Read More

Community Broadband Bits 12 – Todd Murren with SpringNet, Missouri

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The 12th episode of the Community Broadband Bits podcast features an interview with Todd Murren of SpringNet, in Springfield Missouri. SpringNet delivers blazing broadband over Ethernet to businesses in the community. We talk about Missouri’s strong restrictions on local authority around broadband and the history of SpringNet. We also discuss how SpringNet has led to hundreds … Read More

Google Creates Competition in Kansas City, TWC Hires 81 People

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A Business Journal story yesterday reveals that Time Warner Cable is adding 81 jobs in Kansas City, an increase of 9% over its present area workforce: The company, which currently employs about 900 locally, wants to fill customer service, finance, sales and other positions. These are the jobs that result from competition – which does not … Read More

Electric Cooperatives Expand Broadband in Missouri

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Rural electric cooperatives were essential to expanding electricity throughout rural America after private sector business models overwhelmingly failed to electrify our farms over many decades. Electric coops embody the spirit of local community and local concerns. Cooperatives often have decades of experience with project planning and implementation. We have seen electric coops use their own existing … Read More

Missouri Coalitions Works to End Big Box Subsidies

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In Missouri, a coalition of independent businesses and union members are backing a bill that would reform the state’s tax increment financing (TIF) law and put an end to subsidies for suburban big box stores, shopping malls, and other sprawling developments. TIF allows a municipality to issue bonds to pay for part of the costs of a new development. Future tax revenue from the development is then diverted from the public coffers to pay off the bonds.… Read More

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