Using Disaster to Build a New, (d)emocratic Energy Paradigm — Episode 78 of Local Energy Rules Podcast

Date: 6 Jun 2019 | posted in: Energy, Energy Self Reliant States | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

In this May 2019 interview, ILSR’s Director of Energy Democracy John Farrell, and Ingrid Vila – an engineer and director of Cambio, a Puerto Rico based nonprofit – discussed the enormous opportunity, and the pitfalls the island must avoid, to seize the island’s chance for energy democracy.… Read More

With Major Hurricane Vulnerability, Puerto Rico Develops Landmark Microgrid Regulations*

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The cost of wind and solar energy keep falling, joined by batteries for energy storage. But while the technology of local grid power has become inexpensive, U.S. development of microgrids has lagged. Trapped by a bankrupt utility, high vulnerability to climate change, and high cost fossil-fueled electricity, Puerto Rico has been no exception. However, the island’s landmark microgrid regulations could open the small grid floodgates.… Read More

A Local First Approach to Rebuilding Puerto Rico’s Electricity System — Episode 77 of Local Energy Rules Podcast

Date: 23 May 2019 | posted in: Energy, Energy Self Reliant States, Podcast | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

In this episode of Local Energy Rules, Energy Democracy Initiative director John Farrell speaks with Marcel Castro Sitiriche about the challenges Puerto Rico faces in building a local, clean, and resilient energy system in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.… Read More

Being a B Corp also Benefits Green Mountain Power’s Bottom Line

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Conventional wisdom suggests that concerns about social and environmental impacts, though well-intended, can distract from a public company’s legal obligation to reward shareholders. But if this conventional wisdom were true, Vermont’s Green Mountain Power ought to be lagging behind its investor-owned electric utility peers. Instead, this certified B Corp is promoting people, planet, and profit, and jumping ahead of its utility industry peers. … Read More

How Microgrids are Reducing Energy Costs and Increasing Reliability

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A reporter for Aquicore, Alex Richardson, was interested in a new and emerging renewable energy technology: microgrids. For perspective he reached out to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance to get a sense of how these innovative technologies are being deployed, ILSR policy researcher Karlee Weinmann answered Richardson’s questions as it related to the benefits of small-scale renewable systems. … Read More