Book Burning Hoax Results in Huge Support for Michigan Public Library

Sometimes it takes a truly imaginative hoax to jolt us into realizing how much we value the public. That’s what happened in Troy, Michigan last summer. Nationwide, over 90 percent of public library money comes from local property tax dollars.  Thus every time a public library needs money it has to go to the voters.  In … Read More

Stop Repeal of Michigan’s Yard Trim Ban

Date: 22 Mar 2012 | posted in: Composting, waste - composting, Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

Michigan HB 4265 and HB 4266 would seriously weaken the state’s longstanding ban on landfill disposal of segregated yard trimmings by exempting landfills with gas recovery systems. These “Grass-to-Gas” bills were passed by the MI House of Representatives 67-40, March 15th, and are now before the MI Senate Committee on Energy & Technology. MICHIGAN RESIDENTS: CLICK … Read More

Citizens in Charlevoix, Michigan, Block Wal-Mart, Win Size Limits

Date: 31 May 2005 | posted in: Retail | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

Grassroots groups that form to fight big-box development proposals often dissolve after winning or losing on that particular project. But a citizens group in Charlevoix, Michigan, called This is Our Town, kept on working. Now, one year after successfully pressuring Wal-Mart to drop plans for a supercenter, the group is celebrating new zoning rules that will limit future big-box development. … Read More

Chain Store Complex Defeated In Petoskey

Date: 1 May 2001 | posted in: Retail | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

The last issue of this Bulletin reported on a grassroots effort in Petoskey, Michigan to stop a 400,000 square foot chain retail development in a neighboring township. In April, to the thunderous applause of a packed town hall, the Bear Creek Township Board voted 3-2 to deny the developer’s request to rezone the land from residential and farm-forest to commercial, effectively nixing the big box project. … Read More

Petoskey’s Local Businesses Fight Massive Retail Development

Date: 1 Mar 2001 | posted in: Retail | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

Located on Lake Michigan, the small town of Petoskey in northern Michigan draws thousands of visitors every year. They come for the spectacular scenery and for an opportunity to experience what many communities have long since lost: a vibrant downtown. Renowned for its distinctive character and century-old buildings, downtown Petoskey is more than a quaint destination for tourists. Its a place that serves the everyday needs of residents. … Read More

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