Despite promises to hire 1,600, study says Amazon will drain jobs from local economies

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ILSR co-director and Amazon report co-author Stacy Mitchell was interviewed for Michigan Radio‘s StateSide radio program with the prompt that Michigan will be receiving jobs from the corporate giant. How should Michiganders feel about offering incentives to a company like them.… Read More

Fiber-to-the-Home Funding On Summer Ballot In Lyndon Township, Michigan

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In August, voters in Lyndon Township, Michigan, will decide whether or not they want to approve a plan to invest in publicly owned fiber optic Internet infrastructure. It’s All In The Mills Voters are being asked to approve a millage increase of 2.9 over a 20-year period. In other words, property taxes will increase approximately $2.91 … Read More

Working Partner Update: Zero Waste Detroit

Date: 12 Jun 2017 | posted in: waste - zero waste, Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

Who is Zero Waste Detroit (ZWD): a collaborative of over twenty community, environmental and environmental justice organizations in Detroit. ZWD’s goal is to move the City to a solid waste management system that captures the value of the waste stream— recycling—before any disposal and away from the burning or of trash. The Issue: In the mid-1980’s, … Read More

Rural Telephone Cooperative Forges Its Own Path In Michigan

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Can’t get telephone or Internet service? Have you tried starting your own company? In 1998, John Reigle did just that with the support of the community and Michigan State University. Today, Allband Communications Cooperative provides not only telephone service, but also cutting-edge, high-quality Internet access and environmental research opportunities in rural Northeastern Michigan. A Story Of Promise, … Read More

Traverse City, Michigan Picks A Path To Bring Fiber To Its Residents

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After long deliberation, utility board members in Traverse City have taken a firm step toward Internet infrastructure in order to improve connectivity in Michigan’s “Cherry Capital of the World.” The board of Traverse City Light & Power (TCL&P) voted unanimously to adjust their six-year capital improvement plan to include the cost of a citywide fiber network. … Read More

A String of Municipal Network Ideas: Traverse City Mulls Options

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The Cherry Capital of the World, Traverse City, Michigan, continues to weigh its options to improve high-speed Internet service. The city of 12,000 homes and businesses has the results of a feasibility study and is carefully eliminating options as they look for the one that best suits their needs. Most Likely Possibilities Local newspapers, the Traverse … Read More

Democratic Energy Media Roundup – week of September 14, 2015

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This week in Democratic Energy: Ohio groundswell gathers around reinstatement of renewable energy mandates. Utah group condemns utility’s false claims to promoting renewable energy Vox’s David Roberts, in a 2-part series, seeks to break down the dominance of 20th century style electric utilities. Featured Stories: The Federal Solar Tax Credit extension: can we win if we … Read More

Democratic Energy Media Roundup – week of August 31, 2015

Date: 1 Sep 2015 | posted in: Energy | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

This week in Democratic Energy: Solar advocates win big victories in Nevada and Colorado and keep net metering policies intact. Michigan solar energy fight garners unusual advocates for distributed generation. Clean Power Plan drawing criticism from utility-funded reports. Exellon-Pepco merger thwarted by grassroots efforts.   Featured Stories: 5 Reasons Utilities Are Hating On Their Solar-Producing Customers … Read More

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