Community Composters Make Their Mark on Industry at National Conference

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ILSR’s 7th National Cultivating Community Composting Forum and Field Day brought together 160+ community composters (and those who love them) to network, share best practices, and make their voices heard in the larger composting industry. The events were held in conjunction with the US Composting Council’s COMPOST2023 in Ontario, California.… Read More

Study: Low Income LA County Neighborhoods Pay More for Internet Service Than Wealthier Neighborhoods

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A new study from the Digital Equity LA initiative lays bare how low-income communities of color are impacted by the quiet business decisions of the county’s monopoly Internet service provider…… Read More

Los Angeles Utility Goes for Local Solar with 100 MW Feed-In Tariff

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Officially launched in January after years of development, a new CLEAN (feed-in tariff) program from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (the city’s municipal electric utility) promises 100 MW of new local renewable energy by 2016.  In absolute size, the program will be among the largest CLEAN programs in the U.S., but compared to the … Read More

Los Angeles Requires Economic Impact Studies for Supercenters

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After months of debate on the consequences of big-box development, the Los Angeles City Council this month enacted a law that requires supercenters to undergo an economic impact analysis before being approved. The law applies to retail stores larger than 100,000 square feet that devote more than 10 percent of their floor space to food and that are seeking to locate in economic assistance zones. … Read More

Los Angeles May Require Big Boxes to Pay Higher Wages

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Hundreds of residents have attended hearings held by the Los Angeles City Council’s Economic Development and Employment Committee on ways to mitigate the negative effects of supercenters on the community. Supercenters are massive stores, primarily operated by Target and Wal-Mart, that combine general merchandise with a full supermarket.… Read More