Another Anti-Muni Hack Job: Alabama Mayor Strikes Back

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Mayor Gary Fuller won’t tolerate lies about his city. In a recent Opelika City News release titled, Setting the Record Straight – Response to Yellowhammer article, Mayor Fuller corrected the numerous misleading errors in a piece written by Jordan LaPorta. The Yellowhammer article covered a Taxpayer’s Protection Alliance Foundation (TPA) report, filled with errors and misrepresentation … Read More

The Next Trash Bill: Georgia’s HB 336

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Earlier this legislative session, we followed legislation in Virginia, which would have negatively impacted municipalities’ ability to use their publicly owned infrastructure to improve connectivity. We’re now watching a bill in Missouri that’s been resurrected from legislation that died last year. Another state bill just appeared on our radar in Georgia that interferes with local community authority by prescribing stringent rules on permitting and applications.… Read More

Bill on Compostable Plastics Labeling Gains Hearing in Maryland House of Delegates

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On Wednesday, March 1st, the Maryland House of Delegates’ Committee on Environment and Transportation will conduct a hearing on House Bill 1349: “Compostable, Degradable, and Biodegradable Plastic Products – Labeling.” The legislation, introduced by Maryland Delegate Shane Robinson (District 39), is a result of close work between Delegate Robinson and the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR). ILSR, and a number of allies, will be testifying on the merits of the bill in front of the House Committee.… Read More

ILSR Submits Testimony in Favor of Maryland Anti-Styrofoam Bill

On February 15th, 2017, the Maryland House of Delegates’ Committee on Environment and Transportation conducted a hearing on House Bill 229: “Polystyrene Food Service Products and Polystyrene Loose Fill Packaging – Prohibition on Sale.” The legislation, which was introduced by Maryland Delegate Brooke Lierman (District 46), seeks to ban polystyrene (otherwise known as styrofoam) food service products due to its adverse impacts on disposal, the waste stream generally, and the environment.… Read More

Colorado Bill To Reclaim Local Authority Stalls In Committee, Audio Available

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On Monday the Colorado Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee heard SB 42, a bill to repeal the state’s requirement for referendum to reclaim local telecommunications authority. The committee of seven Senators voted 4 – 3 to postpone the bill indefinitely, leaving it in legislative purgatory. We’ve provided the audio above, but we missed the first minute or so of the recording.… Read More

Tennessee Broadband Bill Is A Jackpot For AT&T, Junk For EPB

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Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam doesn’t want the public’s money to pay for publicly owned Internet infrastructure. He has no problem, however, writing a $45 million check backed by taxpayers and payable to the likes of AT&T in Tennessee. “A Little Song, A Little Dance, A Little Seltzer Down Your Pants” On Wednesday, Haslam introduced the “Tennessee … Read More

Companies, Associations Call On Missouri Committee To Kill Anti-Municipal Broadband SB 186

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As SB 186 sits patiently in committee, advocates of better broadband from the private and public sectors are banding together to share their thoughts on the bill. They believe that the bill will stifle attempts to improve connectivity throughout the state. In a recent letter to the Chair and members of the the Missouri Senate Local Government and Elections Committee, they laid out the other reasons why SB 186 should not advance.… Read More

Monopoly Un-Managed? Utility Tries to Dodge Oversight of Spendy Proposed Gas Plant

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Circumventing a decades-old pact providing a market monopoly in exchange for public oversight, an investor-owned utility has proposed legislation to allow it to build a new natural gas plant criticized for its financial and environmental impact, and then stick customers with the tab. Legislation supporting Xcel Energy’s billion-dollar plans cropped up earlier this month, three months … Read More

Montgomery County, Maryland Passes Strategic Plan to Advance Composting

Date: 10 Jan 2017 | posted in: Composting, waste - composting, Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

On November 28th, 2016, Montgomery County’s chief executive Isiah Leggett signed the “Strategic Plan to Advance Composting, Compost Use, and Food Waste Diversion in Montgomery County,” culminating a process that was in-the-works for much of 2016.

The law, which is available here, requires Montgomery County’s Director of Environmental Protection (DEP) to “develop a Strategic Plan to advance composting, compost use, and food waste diversion” by October 1st, 2017. The law also required the DEP to submit an annual report each year documenting progress towards achieving the goals of the plan.… Read More

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