Community Leaders Testify Against HB 282, Bill Passes Anyway

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Community leaders from several Georgia cities made the trek to Atlanta to oppose HB 282 on Thursday, February 28th. Opposition to this bill to limit investment in Internet networks includes community leaders, high tech companies, and citizens all over the state. Nevertheless, legislators on the House Energy, Utilities, and Telecom Committee chose to ignore the needs … Read More

High Tech Companies Oppose Bill to Limit Internet Investment in Georgia

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Several high tech companies and trade associations have sent a joint letter to Georgia legislators to oppose HB 282, a bill designed to limit investment in Internet Networks. The letter has already been signed by Alcatel-Lucent, Google, Atlantic Engineering, Gigabit Squared, OnTrac, FTTH Council, American Public Power Association, NATOA, SEATOA, Utilities Telecom Council, and the Telecommunications … Read More

Atlanta Writer Looks to Chattanooga, Fears State Bill to Prevent Internet Investment

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Chattanooga continues to receive attention because of the incredible community owned network they built for themselves. We recently came across an article from Tom Baxter of the Atlanta SaportaReport. In his article, Chattanooga: Eating our lunch in liveability, Baxter expresses the envy he feels as an Atlantan as he considers the way Chattanooga has transformed itself. … Read More

LaGrange Muni Network Serves Business and Government in Georgia

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As the Georgia legislature considers HB 282, a bill that will restrict local governments from investing in telecommunications networks, we are continuing coverage of the communities that will be harmed by passage of the legislation. Should the restrictions become law, existing networks will not be able to expand. No expansion means fewer opportunities to reap the … Read More

ILSR Monitors Georgia Legislation to Kill Municipal Networks

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Once again, the Georgia General Assembly is considering a bill that would devastate local communities’ right to build their own telecommunications networks. ILSR is monitoring this House Bill 282 as it moves through through the Senate and House. The bill, misleadingly called the “Municipal Broadband Investment Act,” creates barriers to any municipal network in areas that … Read More

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