Where is Kropotkin When We Really Need Him?

On February 8, 1921 twenty thousand people, braving temperatures so low that musical instruments froze, marched in a funeral procession in the town of Dimitrov, a suburb of Moscow. They came to pay their respects to a man, Petr Kropotkin, and his philosophy, anarchism. Some 90 years later few know of Kropotkin. And the word anarchism … Read More

Populism Circa 1999

Date: 9 Feb 1999 | posted in: From the Desk of David Morris, The Public Good | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

Populism Circa 1999 by David Morris Institute for Local Self-Reliance February 9, 1999 – published in St. Paul Pioneer Press The election of Jesse Ventura set off a flurry of punditry about the meaning of the word “populist”. Governor Ventura certainly fits to a “v” the first part of Webster’s New World Dictionary’s definition of a … Read More

The Mondragon System: Cooperation at Work

This 1992 report by David Morris is a review of the Mondragon Cooperative in Spain. The report examines cooperative structure, management, education, finance, and banking.

The Mondragon Cooperative Corporation is a 35 year old experiment in building a comprehensive cooperative society in which labor plays the primary and dominant role. The Cooperative Group has amassed technical, managerial and financial resources comparable to those of a major corporation and used those resources to further social as well as economic goals that emphasize the importance of community and small and medium scale enterprise.

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