Press Release: Record Number of U.S. Households Have Access to Food Waste Collection

A record number of U.S. households have access to food waste collection. Residential access to curbside food waste collection has almost doubled in past three years; drop-off sites provide access to millions more. Explore the latest report from ILSR and BioCycle.… Read More

Survey of Residential Food Waste Collection Access in the U.S.

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A new report released by BioCycle — with research led by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance — details the growth of residential access to food scrap collection services, both through curbside and drop-off programs. Food scrap recovery is increasingly recognized as a key to reaching high waste diversion levels, protecting the climate, and feeding the soil.… Read More

Youth Employment, Community Equity and Green Space from Composting in Brooklyn, NY

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BK ROT, a social composting enterprise in the center of Brooklyn has inspired the Filbert Street Garden in Curtis Bay, Baltimore, to replicate this successful model. ILSR working partner Chesapeake Children and Youth Development manage the garden. For details read, “Building Community Composting in Bushwick, Brooklyn,” BioCycle magazine March/April, p. 46-48. Follow the Institute for Local … Read More

Dramatic Impact of MASSDEP Organics Action Plan since 2014

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Results in Massachusetts are a clear signal that focusing on composting can be a major jobs and wealth producer for the entire country. Total growth includes: Jobs 910 Labor income $46.8 million Value added $76.8 million Industry activity $174.6 million State and Local taxes $5.4 million For full details see “Calculating Economic Impact of Commercial Organics … Read More

Bike-Powered Food Scrap Collection

As part of ILSR’s collaboration with the Chesapeake Youth Development Center to launch a bike-powered food scrap collection service in Curtis Bay, a neighborhood of Baltimore, ILSR interviewed 17 owners and founders of bike-powered collection services in 11 states. Read our article, Bike Powered Food Scraps Collection in the January 2017 issue of BioCycle Magazine. … Read More

Video: Mighty Microgrids – BioCycle REFOR16 Presentation

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On October 18th, John Farrell delivered a keynote presentation to the annual gathering of the BioCycle Renewable Energy from Organics Recycling (REFOR16) in Orlando, Florida. In this presentation, Farrell details how microgrids are a realistic piece of our renewable energy future and the intersection of biogas and other renewable energy technologies, such as solar and wind energy.… Read More

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