Video from the ILSR Archives: David Morris Speaks to TPT’s Portrait Series

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In May of 1991, Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s co-founder David Morris was featured in Minnesota Public Television’s (TPT) Portrait series on prominent Minnesotans. The video is available here in TPT’s video archive. In this interview David speaks about the founding of … Read More

Why Local Self-Reliance? – Episode 22 of the Building Local Power Podcast

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A conversation with David Morris, the co-founder of ILSR, on why the message of local self-reliance is as relevant today as it was in the 1970s. … Read More

Breaking Through Partisanship: Left-Right-Local – Episode 14 of the Building Local Power Podcast

In this episode, Christopher Mitchell, the director of ILSR’s Community Broadband Networks initiative, interviews John Farrell, Stacy Mitchell, and David Morris, directors of our Energy Democracy, Community-Scaled Economies, and Public Good initiatives, respectively. The group discusses the nature of local policies and politics versus the national-level fights and hyper-partisanship.… Read More

“The Secret Side of Global Trade” – David Morris, International Forum on Globalization

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David Morris spoke at Riverside Church for the International Forum on Globalization in 1995 about local self-reliance and global trade. His words still ring true today. You can listen to the audio from the speech below, download it in your … Read More

The Real American Exceptionalism

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For Republican presidential candidates the phrase American Exceptionalism has taken on almost talismanic qualities. Newt Gingrich’s new book is titled, “A Nation Like No Other: Why American Exceptionalism Matters”. “American the Exceptional” is the title of a chapter in Sarah Palin’s book America by Heart. What is this American exceptionalism Republicans so venerate? David Morris digs deeper in this commentary.… Read More