Statement from Institute for Local Self-Reliance on Antitrust Legislation Unveiled in the U.S. Senate Today  

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Contact: Virgil McDill,, 202.294.9187


Statement from Institute for Local Self-Reliance on Antitrust Legislation Unveiled in the U.S. Senate Today

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 14, 2021) – The following statement was issued by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, in response to legislation released today in the United States Senate aimed at addressing the concentrated corporate power of the Big Tech companies. 

“This bill is welcome proof that the momentum in Congress to tackle Big Tech’s monopoly power is rapidly gaining force on both sides of the aisle. We thank Senator Klobuchar for her outspoken leadership on antitrust issues and her work to make this a truly bipartisan effort with Senator Grassley. We agree with their view that the tech giants cannot continue to abuse their power at the expense of competition, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

“America’s independent businesses and entrepreneurs cannot succeed in a world where the tech giants are allowed to remain all-powerful gatekeepers. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google routinely preference their own products, block rivals from accessing markets, and impose onerous fees and terms on smaller businesses. The status quo in our digital markets is untenable. 

“This bill prohibits some of the tech monopolies’ most abusive behavior, and we are eager to work with the Committee to strengthen the bill and ensure the Senate adopts structural separation legislation, along the lines that passed in the House Judiciary Committee, to tackle the root source of Big Tech’s monopoly power over independent sellers, app developers, and other firms.”



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