Webinar: State Permitting Pathways for Advancing On-Farm Composting

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Farmers have a vital role to play in producing and utilizing compost to restore depleted soils. Permit exemptions can authorize compost operations on farms and smaller-scale facilities, such as community gardens, thus avoiding superfluous permitting requirements intended for larger, full-scale compost facilities. Because there are often significantly less risks or hazards associated with on-farm and small-scale composters, many states have incorporated permit exemptions into their composting regulations for such cases. Some states have additional regulatory pathways that support farms and other small-scale sites that are ready to scale up. This webinar explores models from around the country and explore the impact these rules are having on advancing on-farm composting.


Date: December 8th, 2022



The registration fee for this webinar is $20

Participation is free for farmers (use code FARMER), Community Composter Coalition members (use code CCC), local government! (use code LOCGOV)!

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A recording of this webinar will be made available to those who register. This webinar is one in a series the Institute for Local Self-Reliance offers to support on-farm composting and compost use. View past composting-related webinar recordings here.



Angel Arroyo-Rodriguez

Organics Recycling Program Leader & Environmental Planner
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Angel is an environmental planner and public health practitioner specializing in policies for sustainable management of materials, development of markets for recyclables and solid waste management planning. He works in the Division of Materials and Waste Management of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) leading the implementation of the composting and organics recycling program, as well as the infectious waste program. He also does academic work specializing in planning for prevention of waste food and sustainable management of food related wastes throughout the food system. Angel is a Registered Sanitarian and a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners.

Sean Bowen

Food Safety Specialist & Agricultural Composting Coordinator
Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
Sean is an Environmental Analyst in the Division of Agricultural Conservation and Technical Assistance at Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR). Joining the Department in 2008 as Aquaculture Specialist, he previously served as Seafood Unit Supervisor for Massachusetts Food Protection Program. A graduate of Unity College in Maine with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, he has been working with MDAR’s Agricultural Composting Program since 2010 and overseeing the Program since 2015.

Theresa Stiner

Senior Environmental Specialist
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Theresa is an Environmental Specialist Senior in the Solid Waste and Contaminated Sites Section of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR). In her 23 years with Iowa DNR, Theresa has worked with a variety of programs and issues including household hazardous materials, beverage container deposits, electronics recycling and mercury issues. She is currently the lead for Compost Facilities permitting and Land Application permitting. She also works extensively with updating the administrative rules related to solid waste programs. Theresa received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Dordt College with a major in Environmental Studies and a minor in Political Science. She also successfully completed the Iowa Certified Public Manager Program at Drake University. 


Tariq Masood

Project Manager, PMP
Maryland Department of the Environment 
Tariq is a senior regulatory and compliance engineer who has worked with the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) for over 30 years. He has been involved with the implementation of MDE’s composting regulations since 2016. He currently works in MDE’s Waste Diversion Division and Land & Materials Administration reviewing composting facility permit applications, approving county solid waste plans, and managing data collection from facilities and the counties. He also manages Maryland’s eCycling Program. Tariq holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manhattan College in New York and is a certified Project Management Professional. 




Linda Bilsens Brolis

Senior Program Manager, Composting for Community
Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR)

Linda’s work focuses on promoting composting as a tool for regenerating soils, supporting local food systems, and fighting climate chaos. She manages ILSR’s Neighborhood Soil Rebuilders Composter Training Program and leads ILSR’s work advancing on-farm composting.





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Linda Bilsens Brolis

Linda is the Senior Program Manager for ILSR’s Composting for Community Initiative and Neighborhood Soil Rebuilders Composter Training Program.