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Speaking About Garbage
Record-setting recycling programs
Recycling 50% and more of our wastes
Jobs through recycling
Environmental entrepreneurialism
Building deconstruction
Recycling-based economic development
Recycling means business
Product reuse
Food waste recovery
The history and future of recycling
Policies for a zero waste future
and more!

Thirty-eight years of expertise, program development, research, publishing, and technical assistance have made ILSR’s Waste to Wealth division the leading source of information on recycling and recycling-based community economic development. ILSR staff members have pioneered dramatic changes in the rules and regulations that govern our solid waste management system. We have published groundbreaking research on record-setting recycling efforts and jobs through recycling. We have helped start community-based recycling businesses and industrial parks. ILSR is a co-founder of the National Recycling Coalition (1980) and the GrassRoots Recycling Network (1997).

We are available for presentations, workshops, lectures in a variety of settings, including:

  • lectures at schools,
  • meetings with elected officials,
  • community events and with community organizers,
  • keynote addresses and presentations at conferences,
  • workshops with city/county/state planners,
  • expert testimony at public hearings or other judicial proceedings,
  • participation at roundtable discussions and talk shows.

Neil Seldman President ILSR’s expert on environmental entrepreneurialism, recycling-based economic development, joint ventures between community organizations and private firms, recycling-based business recruitment, local and regional assessments of recycling business opportunities, financing recycling businesses, the history of recycling, and more.

Brenda Platt Co-Director ILSR’s expert on economic benefits of recycling, record-setting recycling programs, cost-effective recycling, maximum recycling planning, product reuse, food waste recovery, policies for a zero waste future, jobs through recycling, and more. Prepared technical documents for US EPA, California Integrated Solid Waste Management Board, Global Alliance for Incineration Alternatives (GAIA), and GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN).

For fee and other information contact us at nseldman@ilsr.org