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Watch: Solar Rooftop Revolution – A Video Whiteboard

| Written by ILSR Admin | 2 Comments | Updated on Jan 24, 2013 The content that follows was originally published on the Institute for Local Self-Reliance website at

placeholderSolar company Renvu created a delightful whiteboard animation of the results from our Rooftop Revolution research, which automatically makes them cooler than the average solar company.  Check it out below or on Youtube.

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    We hope this work will help to draw the needed attention to this important research.

  • With so much light shining down on the situation you’d think that people would be able to see the logic of going solar. That’s just from a cost point of view. If one factors in the “exigent costs” of fossil fuels than solar is more than “just s price bargain’..
    Nice work John.
    sorry, couldn’t resist the pun… ;-}