Saint Paul to Build Robust Core Network for Telecom Needs

Date: 1 Jun 2009 | posted in: information, MuniNetworks | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

We just added a new rule to our database – Saint Paul, MN, is building a robust core network to meet its telecommunications needs (as well as those of the schools, state, and county in town.

The short story is that the city wants to build a core network to replace the deficient Comcast Institutional Network that currently offers the city its connectivity.  However, the City Council passed a resolution to ensure that the network would meet future needs, not just present needs.  This wisely leaves the door open to future decisions that would allow the network to be expanded, bringing ultra-high-speeds to anyone in the City.

At this point, the City Council has not suggested it would do that, but it is looking toward the future with this network rather than remaning dependent on a private company for essential services.  Read the rule and background here.

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