Formula Business Restriction — Mendocino County, CA

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Mendocino County, Calif., passed a formula business ordinance in November 2016, following community outcry over a proposed Dollar General. The outcry led to an interim moratorium on new permits for formula businesses while the county studied the issue, and ultimately, a formula business ordinance. As an ordinance at the county level, it’s particularly effective, as it covers unincorporated areas that are outside the boundaries of city and municipal zoning.… Read More

Internet Sales Tax Fairness

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Even as online sales have grown into a multi-trillion-dollar force in the U.S. economy, states have been limited in their authority to require e-commerce companies to collect state and local sales taxes. As a result, cities, states, and local businesses, along with the citizens and customers who rely on them, have all been hit with negative impacts: The policy has placed local businesses at an unfair disadvantage, and has undermined state and local tax revenues. Now, the fight to require online retailers to collect sales taxes just as brick-and-mortar retailers do is intensifying. It’s currently being waged on three fronts: At the U.S. Supreme Court, at the state level, and in Congress.… Read More

Internet Sales Tax Fairness — Notification — Colorado

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In February 2010, Colorado passed a law that requires remote retailers that do not collect state sales taxes to: a) notify Colorado customers that they owe the tax on their purchases, b) send an annual report to customers detailing all of their purchases in the preceding year and the amount of sales tax owed, and c) also provide this information annually to the Colorado Department of Revenue. The law applies to retailers with more than $100,000 in annual sales, including and A federal appeals court upheld Colorado’s law in February 2016.… Read More

Internet Sales Tax Fairness — Marketplace Nexus — Minnesota

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In May 2017, as part of a general revenue law, Minnesota passed a first-in-the-nation law that requires platform, or “marketplace,” retailers to collect sales tax on sales made on the platform by third-party sellers. The requirement will take effect the sooner of July 1, 2019, or when the U.S. Supreme Court modifies its ruling in Quill Corp. v. North Dakota.… Read More

Formula Business Restriction — Jersey City, NJ

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In May 2015, the City Council of Jersey City voted to restrict formula businesses in the downtown area by limiting where they can locate to a maximum of 30 percent of ground floor commercial area on any single lot. The restriction applies to retailers, restaurants, bars, and banks, though there is an exception for grocery stores. Jersey City is the second most-populous city in the state of New Jersey, with more than 260,000 residents. The City Council voted to uphold the restrictions in June 2017.… Read More

Aggregate Net Metering – Rules

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In nearly every state, an electric customer can offset their own energy consumption with on-site power generation, such as a solar panel. But for larger electric customers, net metering has a hitch. In many states, the solar array (or other … Read More

King County, Washington – Compost Procurement

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Surveying the local level of US politics, one finds that King County, Washington, has one of the best environmental product procurement programs in the country. King County Code (KCC) § 10.14.050, mandates public agencies to purchase sustainable products and implement environmental strategies … Read More

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