Living Wage Ordinance – Oakland

Approved in March 1998, this ordinance (Ordinance No. 12050)requires companies or non-profits that enter into service contracts with the city worth at least $25,000 or benefit from at least $100,000 in city subsidies in a year to pay workers a minimum of $9.25 an hour($8.00 if the firm provides health benefits). The minimum wages were adjusted annually. The ordinance also entitles such workers to 12 paid days off per year. It also allows that a collective bargaining agreement may provide that such agreement may supersede the requirements of the living wage ordinance.

In March 2002, Oakland voters overwhelmingly (78%) approved an initiative that extends the City of Oakland’s Living Wage law to 1,500 low wage workers at Oakland’s Airport and Seaport, including baggage handlers, security guards, rental car drivers and food service workers. Oakland’s current living wage requires $9.13 an hour if health benefits are provided,$10.50 if they are not (will rise to $9.45 and $10.87 in July).

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