Formula Business Restriction – Ogunquit, ME

In November 2005, voters in this small town approved a measure that bans formula restaurants by a margin of 71 to 29 percent.

Thepolicy change was initiated by a group of citizens who petitioned to have the measure on the ballot and ran a strong grassroots campaign leading up to the vote. Their message focused on maintaining the town’s character and keeping dollars circulating in the local economy.

Ballot Question:

Doyou want the Town of Ogunquit’s Zoning Ordinance to be amended so that fast food restaurants and formula restaurants, defined as restaurants that prepare food and beverages on site for public sale and are required by contractual or other arrangements to utilize any of the following: prescribed employee uniforms, interior and exterior color schemes, architectural design, signage, name, presentation format, or similar standardized features which cause the restaurant to be substantially identical to another restaurant regardless of ownership or location, to be prohibited in every zoning district in Ogunquit?