Campaign Finance Reform – Local Rules

Over 80 local governments have passed some form of campaign finance legislation. The National Civic League compiled an Inventory of Local Reforms (last updated in 2001 we believe, but not online as of 2011, can be ordered from NCL)of those it knew about. Over half of those reforms were enacted since 1990 and it is likely that there are more reforms out there yet to be discovered.

State and national reformers have known for some time of high-profile examples of local campaign finance reform efforts: Tucson, Seattle, and New York are examples. But many of the smaller reform efforts have escaped widespread media attention.

Among these 80 or so reforms, the National Civic League has pinpointed some of the best in a number of categories: Fort Collins, CO has enacted the lowest contribution limit for local elections, Tucson, AZ has enacted a public financing law, and Little Rock, AR has placed time limits on when a candidate can receive contributions for her election.


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