Campaign Finance Reform – Massachusetts

This Massachusetts law was passed by ballot initiative in 1998, but repealed by the legislature as part of a budget package in 2003. Governor Mitt Romney and legislators argued that expenditures for public finance of campaigns could not be justified in a time of state budget shortfalls.

Inaddition to providing public financing to candidates who raised a qualifying number of in-state contributions, the law closed the soft money loophole by eliminating unlimited transfers of cash from national parties to state parties and requiring electronic disclosure of all campaign contributions to candidates and political committees. We link below to the new campaign finance law.

  1. Robin wilkins
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    There is a small cadre of harwich individuals preparing a non binding warrant article regarding both state and federal campaign finance reform laws for town meeting in may 2013.any help would be York is addressing this issue. Gov. Patrick should step up.if we have the brightest math and science students it follows we should have the brightest governance structure.this is not a partisan issue but it requires extraordinary leadership and acumen to facilitate such change.

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