Pesticide Ban – Halifax, Canada

Date: 12 Jan 2009 | posted in: environment | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

Halifax Regional Municipal Council (HRM) has passed a by-law to regulate certain aspects of pesticide use. The by-law is authorised by the province of Nova Scotia under the Municipal Government Act, specifically Section 533, which allows an HRM by-law to regulate outdoor application of pesticides for the purpose of maintaining plants and turf on residential and municipal properties.

Various provisions of the by-law come into effect at different times, as outlined below.

Year 1 (2000):
A ban on the use of pesticides on all municipal property begins, and a public education and awareness program will be initiated. Certain limitations apply to the use of pesticides, relating to signs required, weather conditions, etc. See by-law (P-800), Section 11.

Years 2&3 (2001/02):
Commencing April 1, 2001:
A ban on the use of pesticides on residential properties located within a 50 metre radius of:

  • a property registered as being occupied by a person at risk who provides medical documentation; or
  • any school, licensed day care centre, park, playground, licensed senior citizens’ residence, university, church or hospital.

Year 4 (2003):
Commencing April 1, 2003:
A general ban on the use of pesticides will apply to all properties in HRM affected by the by-law.

Underthe provincial Municipal Government Act, the by-law applies to all residential and municipal properties in HRM, and applies to the outdoor useof pesticides for maintenance of plants and turf. The by-law does not apply to property used for agriculture or forestry, and does not apply to commercial or institutional properties. The by-law does not apply to indoor use of pesticides, or to outdoor use for other than plant and turf maintenance.

A list of pesticide products which are permissible for use under the by-law has been created under Administrative Order 23. These products are excluded from the provisions of the by-law and may be used at any time.

Provisionwill be made for otherwise banned pesticides to be used in special cases, specifically to control or destroy plants or insects if such plants or insects constitute a danger for human beings, or to control or destroy insects which have infested a property. Such use will require a permit in advance from HRM, and is subject to terms and conditions as provided for in the by-law.

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