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    WATCH: Fixing the Food Gap
    Image of the Fixing the Food Gap Speakers

    WATCH: Fixing the Food Gap

    This virtual event featured Federal Trade Commissioner Alvaro Bedoya alongside community leaders, independent grocers, and advocates—to examine the ways dominant retailers exert their power, how...

    May 23, 2023

    Adopt Dollar Store Restrictions

    Adopt Dollar Store Restrictions

    As dollar stores multiply rapidly across the U.S., cities are developing dollar store-specific policies to rein in their growth. Such policies include “dispersal restrictions” that...

    Mar 23, 2023

    The Dollar Store Invasion
    Image - Dollar General - Eastern PA

    The Dollar Store Invasion

    In this report, we look at how the dollar chains are using predatory tactics to kill off grocery stores and other local businesses, harming rural...

    Feb 28, 2023