Regulatory and Policy Issues for Reuse and Remanufacture of Wood Materials Coated With Lead-Based Paint

Date: 1 Dec 2005 | posted in: waste - deconstruction, Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

In 2005, there were no regulatory or policy guidance at the Federal level that permits, prohibits, or qualifies practice for salvaging and reusing building materials coated with lead-based paint (LBP). This paper describes the current regulations and standards relative to LBP in buildings (in particular LBP on lumber and timber products), LBP mitigation, and disposal of LBP- containing waste, and the applicability of these regulations and standards to recovering and reusing building materials.

by Thomas R. Napier, Robert H. Falk, George B. Guy, Susan Drodz

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