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Recycling Record Setters Program Profiles: Wholesalers

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JC PENNEY CATALOG FULFILLMENT CENTER MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT Contact: Diane Goodbar JC Penney Catalogue Fulfillment Center Manchester, CT(680) 647-4280

The JC Penney Manchester Catalog Fulfillment Center, which began its recycling efforts in 1982, is currently diverting 87% of its potential waste. The facility recycles 13 items (8 mandated by the state: white office paper, glass and metal food containers, newspapers, scrap metal, leaves, crankcase oil, and storage batteries. 5 additional items: low-density plastics, polystyrene, pallets, catalogs, and magazines.) The Center also incorporates recycling into all maintenance and construction projects, buys many recycled content supplies, and has environmental action council monitors who constantly work to maintain and upgrade the recycling program.

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