Pitfalls of Plasma Arc Technology in New Orleans

Date: 6 Jun 2011 | posted in: waste - anti-incineration, Waste to Wealth | 1 Facebooktwitterredditmail

Greenaction for Health and the Environment, based in San Francisco, has completed a detailed analysis of the environmental impacts and operating history of plasma arc technology based on the claims made by a company seeking to build such a plant in New Orleans, LA.

Greenaction, an award winning environmental technical assistance organization, and ILSR have been working with the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, the New Orleans Sierra Club and community organizations to cancel planning for the facility for environmental and financial reasons, and implement recycling and economic development enterprises and programs.

Download Toxic Scandal, Toxic Threat and Environmental Racism – Sun Energy LLC’s Louisiana Gasification Facility Plasma Arc Incinerator in Disguise – June 2011


  1. Dianne Welch
    | Reply

    Allied Geo Plasma Group Rep. Paul Muncy is in our town trying to get his companys (incinerator) approved. He is on FB and has a lot of followers. He has HIS whitepaper writings. I have done my own research, and it doesn’t match what he says. He is wanting to bring medical waste and gagbage from New Jersey. He said he has 800 million for two plants located on our river. Our location is in Fairmont, WV. If it’s so great why doesn’t he built it in New Jersey where the waste is instead of trucking and bargeing it to WV. Any idea how we can fight this? He has a large following that wants to storm the city building. lol

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